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Since incorporating it into the Bible to Book of Mormon Comparative data search in 2018, I have always been deeply intrigued by the connections between the Biblical Apocrypha and the Book of Mormon. In 2022, the files underwent further sorting to bring attention to the obscure fourteen books nestled between the Old and New Testaments in Joseph Smith’s Bible: The Apocrypha.

Delve into the Book of Judith and observe how the beheading of Holofernes bears a striking resemblance to the account of Nephi’s beheading of Laban.

Uncover precise word-strings: Many of these matches are unique to the Apocrypha and the Book of Mormon, with numerous examples of parallel storylines that are hard to ignore.

I take great pride in this 125-page exploration and encourage you to make the time to read it. You can find it at: