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Throughout the entirety of Lehi’s rebel group’s journey in the wilderness and their endeavor to construct a ship, there is a notable absence of any mention regarding Lehi and Sariah’s youngest sons, Jacob and Joseph.

In a bid to introduce two new characters into the narrative, Joseph Smith incorporates them into the storyline after detailing the loading of the ship with provisions and passengers (refer to 1 Nephi 18:6). The decision to include these enigmatic children comes after Joseph describes the embarkation process, stating that each individual brought aboard the ship supplies according to their age. Hence, in verse seven, Joseph promptly introduces their existence, notwithstanding the approximate ten-year gap since their departure from Jerusalem, if one adheres to the timeline.

Not only does Joseph Smith fail to seize any opportunity to elucidate the ten years of companionship Nephi enjoyed with his younger siblings, but their presence is only fleetingly mentioned again in verse 19 and subsequently not until 2 Nephi 2, when Lehi imparts a blessing to Jacob as he nears his demise, followed by a similar blessing to Joseph in the subsequent chapter.

Given that Joseph Smith was dictating these accounts rather than translating them, it is reasonable to attribute these awkward interpolations scattered throughout the text.