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For those of us who choose a different path, scriptures can seem outdated, silly, or even embarrassing. However, there are many verses that “hit both ways” when it comes to inflexibility and compromise. To the faithful, a verse such as Luke 16:26 can be used to justify distancing – since apostasy is deserving of banishment. To others, the verse is seen as a self-fulfilled prophecy when ostracism is invoked. 

Dedication to a false religion is the “great gulf” that divides us, and though some learn to navigate the waters peacefully, many others have their lives turned upside-down by family, friends, and associates who view change as being the culprit, when change is one of the great virtues we should aspire to. 

Though many of the faithful see the need to watch us from that distance, wherever possible we should be busy building an overpass. It might be tough to imagine either side meeting on the other, but perhaps we can meet on a bridge. Unfortunately, there are many of us who have seen those structures deteriorate with age and abuse, only to fall into the filthy waters below. 

If I understand it correctly, both sides should be able to travel, without having to pay a toll.