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“[The Saints] are to receive an everlasting inheritance in ‘the land of Missouri,’ where the Savior will make his second appearance; at which place the foundation of the temple of God, and the City of Zion, have been laid, and are soon to be built. It is also to be a city of Refuge, and a safe asylum when the storms of vengeance shall pour upon the earth, and those who reject the Book of Mormon, shall be swept off as with the besom of destruction. Then shall the riches of the Gentile be consecrated to the Mormonites; they shall have lands and cattle in abundance, and shall possess the gold and silver, and all the treasures of their enemies.”

Ezra Booth – 2 October 1831, Ohio Star, “Mormonism – No. II” (Kent, OH: Nelson, Portage Co., 1831), 1.