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“[W]e must accept the fact that there was a time when Deity was much less powerful than He is today. Then how did He become glorified and exalted and attain His present status of Godhood? In the first place, aeons ago God undoubtedly took advantage of every opportunity to learn the laws of truth and as He became acquainted with each new verity He righteously obeyed it. From day to day He exerted His will vigorously, and as a result became thoroughly acquainted with the forces lying about him. As he gained more knowledge through persistent effort and continuous industry, as well as through absolute obedience, His understanding of the universal laws continued to become more complete. Thus he grew in experience and continued to grow until He attained the status of Godhood. In other words, he became God by absolute obedience to all the eternal laws of the Gospel …

“No prophet of record gave more complete and forceful explanations of the doctrine that men may become Gods than did [Joseph Smith].”

Milton R. Hunter, The Gospel Through the Ages (Salt Lake City, UT: Stevens & Wallis, 1945), 114-115.