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“[T]he hour of God’s judgment hath come. Earthquakes will be more frequent, and destruction in their effects than formerly. Many strange things shall occur which cannot be accounted for. The waves of the sea will soon heave themselves beyond their bounds, laying waste towns and cities; ‘and truly men’s hearts shall fail them for fear.’ This is the Lord’s recompense for the controversy of Zion, whose innocent blood, unavenged, cries to him from the ground. A sort of flies shall go forth among the people, and bite them, and cause worms to come in their flesh, and their flesh shall fall from their bones; and their eyes shall fall out of their sockets; and they shall desire to die; but their desire shall not be granted. Serious losses will soon be sustained both by sea and land; because of whirlwinds and tempests, and devouring fire. The seasons, will henceforth, be more irregular and uncertain in causing the earth to yield her bounty, for the sustenance of her inhabitants. The multiplicity of thefts, robberies and murders, are legitimate fruits of the increasing depravity of man; and shew to us that the world is fast ripening for the judgements of God.”

Orson Hyde, Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate – Volume 2, no. 10, “A Prophetic Warning” (Kirtland, OH: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, July 1836), 345.