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 Adding married women to your harem, without the complexity of divorce…

On 8 October 1861 Brigham Young delivered an address in General Conference which you will not find in the Journal of Discourses.

At the beginning of his sermon, he made it clear that it was not his “intention to have it published.” Brigham received a lot of push-back when he projected the Adam-God concept (a subject he briefly references in this talk), and this new topic (although a concept given to him by Joseph Smith, Jr.) was no less controversial, yet whispered about among the Saints for the past two centuries.

Brigham Young makes it clear that if a woman wishes to leave her husband to upgrade to one who has higher priesthood authority, she can do this laterally, without the need to divorce the first husband.

Though it wasn’t intended for publication, it is nonetheless now available to read in its entirety at: