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FAILED PROPHECIES: The Prophet-less JS …

LDS faithful immediately know you’re mentioning Joseph Smith when you speak the two words “The Prophet.” Yet, we’re hard-pressed to find a singular fulfilled prediction by this charlatan.

This unfulfilled prophecy of Joseph Smith is 200 years old…

KINGS AND QUEENS WILL COME TO NAUVOO AND CONTRIBUTE: 28 April 1842. Joseph Smith prophesies about the newly-founded Relief Society:

“[T]en years will not roll round before the kings and queens of the earth will come unto Zion, and pay their respects to [this Society]: they shall come with their millions, and shall contribute of their abundance for the relief of the poor, and the building up and beautifying of Zion.”

Joseph Smith, Jr., History of Joseph Smith and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Volume 4 – Vogel Edition (Salt Lake City, UT: Smith-Pettit Foundation, 2016), 580.

By 1852, no royalty of the earth had done anything resembling what Joseph Smith prophesied, nor have they done so since.

Richard Packham,