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FAILED PROPHECIES: The Prophet-less JS …

LDS faithful immediately know you’re mentioning Joseph Smith when you speak the two words “The Prophet.” Yet, we’re hard-pressed to find a singular fulfilled prediction by this charlatan.

This unfulfilled prophecy of Joseph Smith is 200 years old…

THE NAUVOO HOUSE WILL ALWAYS BE HIS: 19 January 1841. “And now I say unto you, as pertaining to my boarding house which I have commanded you to build for the boarding of strangers, let it be built unto my name, and let my name be named upon it, and let my servant Joseph and his house have place therein, from generation to generation… And let the name of that house be called Nauvoo House; and let it be a delightful habitation for man, and a resting-place for the weary traveler, that he may contemplate the glory of Zion, and the glory of this, the cornerstone thereof” (D&C 124:56, 60).

The Nauvoo House was never fully completed. Joseph Smith, Jr. never lived in it.

His widow, Emma, was living in it at her death, but his family have not owned or occupied it since then.

It is owned by The Community of Christ (The Reorganized Church of LDS).

Richard Packham,