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FAILED PROPHECIES: The Prophet-less JS …

LDS faithful immediately know you’re mentioning Joseph Smith when you speak the two words “The Prophet.” Yet, we’re hard-pressed to find a singular fulfilled prediction by this charlatan.

This unfulfilled prophecy of Joseph Smith is 200 years old…

DESTROYING ANGEL WILL PASS BY: 27 February 1833. The Word of Wisdom (LDS health code; D&C 89) promises that those who obey it (i.e., by abstaining from hot or strong drinks and from tobacco) shall “receive health in their navel … find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge … and shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint. And … the destroying angel shall pass by them … and not slay them.”

Many Mormons observe this faithfully. Although Mormons have been shown statistically to have fewer health problems than the average American, they still seem to be subject to being slain by the destroying angel. Their avoidance of coffee, tea, alcohol, and tobacco does not give them enhanced wisdom or knowledge.

Richard Packham,