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FAILED PROPHECIES: The Prophet-less JS …

LDS faithful immediately know you’re mentioning Joseph Smith when you speak the two words “The Prophet.” Yet, we’re hard-pressed to find a singular fulfilled prediction by this charlatan.

This unfulfilled prophecy of Joseph Smith is 200 years old…

Prayer and Prophecies” from Joseph Smith while he was a prisoner in the jail at Liberty, Missouri: “And they who do charge thee with transgression, their hope shall be blasted, and their prospects shall melt away as the hoar frost melteth before the burning rays of the rising sun” (D&C 121:11, emphasis added; 20 March 1839).

His friends did charge him with transgressions within a few years, and those charges (see The Nauvoo Expositor) resulted directly in his arrest and destruction, as his enemies wished.

Richard Packham,