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Aside from the sterile, forced delivery, there are several things wrong with this presentation of “Seer Stones and the Translation of the Book of Mormon.”

I’m surprised it is even on the official church website.

1) Why are LDS artists suddenly being thrown under the bus? Why did their art appear in church publications? Why was it sold at the LDS distribution center and Deseret Book?

2) There is not a single word of the BOM that was translated with the Urim and Thummim. It was used for the first ‘lost’ 116 pages and taken away from JS. As such, the seer stone was used for the entire BOM as we know it. Their timeline is convoluted.

3) “I’m not really sure why [people are uncomfortable with the image of JS using the Seer Stone].” What? Because if the evidence against the BOM wasn’t so glaring within its pages, this new magical angle makes it even MORE unbelievable.

4) It’s odd that the two NEWEST ideas for LDS art depicting the translation process, now EXCLUDE the artistic conceptions of the past. Some would call this transparency – I call it apologetics.