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My friend, Levi Fisk, has graciously allowed me to share this portion of his “Exit Story” to a public group. Thank you, Levi, and the best of luck!

Never look back and enjoy your new-found freedom. To the faithful I say, “give ear.” So many of us can attest to this life changing event! …

“Since quitting, this is the first time I have felt a part of regular, run-of-the-mill humanity. No more sense of superiority, of being anything special with a cosmic plan watching over me. Quitting brought an unexpected level of satisfaction and freedom. While I shared that my family found out inadvertently, once I talked with them about it, it has been truly liberating and freeing. Quitting gave me true hope of my ability to move on and move forward. If you’re on the fence, I hope you’ll have the courage to take the same leap; I think you’ll find tremendous and unexpected peace.”

FYI … He used to submit his resignation. It all happened within an incredible 4-day period!