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“[T]he elder Smith declared that his son Jo had seen the spirit, (which he then described as a little old man with a long beard,) and was informed that he (Jo) under certain circumstances, eventually should obtain great treasures, and that in due time he (the spirit) would furnish him (Jo) with a book, which would give an account of the Ancient inhabitants (antideluvians) of this country, and where they had deposited their substance, consisting of costly furniture, &c. at the approach of the great deluge, which had ever since that time remained secure in his (the spirit’s) charge, in large and spacious chambers, in sundry places in this vicinity …”

Abner Cole, Palmyra Reflector – Series I. — No. 13., Volume II,  “Gold Bible, No. 4” (Palmyra, NY: The Reflector, 14 February 1831).