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“John C. Whitmer, a son of Jacob, told me that when O. Pratt and J.F. Smith were at Richmond to see ‘D.C.,’ [David Whitmer] in 1878, he asked Orson how he first understood the B[ook]. of M[ormon]. was translated, and Orson said ‘twas by means of the Seer-stone. He said he asked Orson if he ever knew of the stone’s being used after the translation, and he answered that he did; and that Joe took him upstairs at Whitmers, in Fayette, N.Y., after meeting, one Sunday, and sat down and put the stone in his hat, and the hat over his face, and read off to him a revelation, as John Whitmer wrote it down. This was in November, 1830.”

John Logan Traughber – 10 October 1881, A.T. Schroeder Collection, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison; see also Marquardt and Walters Inventing Mormonism (Salt Lake City, UT: Smith Research Associates, 1994), 195 fn 51.