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CHARGE: God was once sinful.

LDS RESPONSE: This is not LDS theology.

REALITY: There does not seem to be concrete evidence to prove the LDS Church teaches this idea.

The insufficiency of evidence does not preclude a conviction.

“We believe that [God] was in our same situations. I don’t want someone judging me, until they have walked in my shoes. I am sure God has sinned. How else would he know and understand that he didn’t want his children to feel that pain. The difference between God and I, is that he took the steps to fix his wrongs. He offers the same to us” (Kathryn/Salt Lake City, UT – Active LDS).

Brigham Young declared that our God is literally the first man, Adam (see Brigham Young via John Nuttall’s Journal; see also David John Buerger, The Mysteries of Godliness: A History of Mormon Temple Worship, pages 111-112). There seems to be little disagreement among Christians that Adam sinned.

As with almost every other aspect of Mormon philosophy, one must weigh the statements of their leaders and doctrines to determine what they believe in.

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