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CHARGE: Mormons believe God is a man.

LDS RESPONSE: God is an exalted, resurrected, glorified man, far more superior than mortal man can conceive.

REALITY: The CHARGES and LDS RESPONSES are taken from the topic “Errors, Misinterpretations and Exaggerations Concerning LDS Doctrine.” I find that the CHARGE is not an error, a misinterpretation or an exaggeration; however, the LDS RESPONSE certainly is.

The LDS Church is one of the only major religions that profess a belief that God is a Man. Generally, the mainstream religious right does not believe this about God, which makes the Mormon claim an error, a misinterpretation, and an exaggeration in the eyes of most of the religious world – as well as the non-religious community.

It is both condescending and twisted to tell the populous that the nature of God is “far more superior than mortal man can conceive” in the same breath as confessing that he is a man. Mormons try to preach a practical religion they claim ‘just makes common sense’ –attempting to defuse the mystery surrounding God- yet they will use the “far more superior than mortal man can conceive” card whenever they choose.

A God who is less tangible and more ethereal would be a little more beyond our ability to conceive than one that has human characteristics.

CHARGE and LDS RESPONSE (originally; now obsolete) online at: