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The world of science happily embraces works of fiction. In many cases, elements of sci-fi writing help perpetuate true scientific ideas, and in other cases, helps the progress of new theories. All done (proudly) in the name of science, and without leading the reader into believing it’s something it is not.

Isn’t it time for the Book of Mormon to enter the realm of ‘Religious Fiction’ instead of being touted as historical? There is absolutely NO science-based evidence to give the text an iota of historicity.

There has got to be a way, given the lack of physical evidence, via a reputable secular organization, to have the Book of Mormon permanently labeled by society as “Religious Fiction” so that our children, indeed everyone to come after us, can easily identify this book as being historically incorrect.

I don’t have a problem with it being a philosophical text. And although there are fewer inspirational verses in it than other ‘more accredited’ religious works, it certainly can be a force for good in the lives of some people.

Let’s find a way to rid the world of the historical lie of the Book of Mormon and put it in its proper place: Religious Fiction.