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“TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I make this solemn declaration before God this day, God being my witness, and I expect some day to stand before the judgement bar to answer for this statement. The manifestation and words of the visits of the Messenger are true. I have seen him from time to time. I heard his voice, I’ve seen his face, I saw the light, I felt his hand on my head and the slap on my shoulder. I was enwrapt in that wonderful Heavenly and Divine power, and the words I have given you are not my words, but the words God sent by John the Baptist. I want to make this statement, so that everyone may know that this is true; it matters little what will become of me hereafter, but I cannot, nor will not, deny the things I have seen and heard from the Heavenly Messenger as long as I have my right mind, and God gives me life and His grace  to endure here on Earth. Others may make statements about me, but I want this to be understood that this statement is true. And I shall abide by the advice and instructions given by the Messenger regardless of what men may say.” 

Signed, Otto Fetting, Independence, Missouri, 9 October 1929. 

Otto Fetting -Founder of the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message [a non-polygamist, LDS sect]- Revelation (Independence, MO: Church of Christ/Temple Lot, 9 October 1929). 

Four others were witnesses to seeing John the Baptist, and had their testimonies notarized in The Word of the Lord Brought to Mankind by an Angel.