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Olive Grey Frost-Smith-Young…

31st Wife of Joseph Smith – Age 27/28? – Married in the summer of 1843 (Joseph Smith, age 37)

“We know little about her – only that she was intensely religious, given to constant prayer, a seeker of truth, always concerned for the sick. Aside from the historical importance as one of the wives of Joseph Smith, she was one of the first two female overseas missionaries.”

~Todd Compton, In Sacred Loneliness, page 592~

Olive’s sister, Mary Ann, describes the marriage to Joseph Smith this way,

“She seemed to realize and appreciate the magnitude of the great and important mission allotted to woman in the perfect plan of this Gospel dispensation, and she desired to do her part in the good work. She freely accorded to man the title of king, and joyfully accepted the place of queen by his side. It was at this time (summer 1843) that the principle of plurality of wives was taught to her. She never opposed it, and, as in the case of baptism, soon accepted it to be her creed, in practice as well as in theory. She was married for time and all eternity to Joseph Smith some time previous to his death and martyrdom.”

~Mary Ann Winters, Sealing and Adoption Book A., Marriott Library~

It is supposed by some that Mary Ann might have been a wife of Joseph Smith’s too, however, no documentation has been found to support this theory.

Many of the wives, upon seeing the dead bodies of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, openly expressed their grief, and Olive was perhaps the most traumatized,

“When the dead bodies arrived in Nauvoo, the spiritual wives of the late prophet, before unknown with certainty, now disclosed by cries, and a general uproar, their secret acceptance of the new doctrine. One of them, Olive Frost, went entirely mad; but his own wife Emma, appeared remarkably resigned.”

~Mrs. Ettie Smith, as quoted in Todd Compton’s In Sacred Loneliness, pages 591-592~