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“The theory of evolution, that man in our present state upon the earth is but a sequence and outgrowth of steady advancement from the lowest order of creation till the present type of man… [is] in short that our great-grandfathers were apes and monkeys. And how much satisfaction these philosophers have in the contemplation of their grandfather monkeys, we are left to conjecture… But we find nothing on the earth, or in the earth, nor under the earth, that indicates that any of these monkeys or apes… ever accomplished any great exploits. So far as the history of the earth is known, whether written or unwritten… or whether found impressed in the rocks, neither geologist nor any other scientists have ever been able to show us any great exploits of any of these inferior grades of being… as to develop in their future progress the present order of beings we call man.”

~Erastus Snow, Journal of Discourses 19:270-271~