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Although there are always arguments about the validity of the church, there is really only ONE question to be answered, and it ultimately has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon, Temple rituals, Polygamy, or anything similar. It’s a matter of having complete faith in the integrity of Joseph Smith.

Since the evidence against his prophetic calling is insurmountable, the question must then be asked, “How often must we look away from the facts and chalk it up as human frailty?”

To the TBM, the answer is certain: “Every Time.”

Sadly, it is the same conclusion the investigator is faced to accept.

Education is really the key to preventing more spiritual deaths at the waters of baptism. Encourage investigators to understand that everything cannot be swept under the rug that Joseph Smith did wrong, and the only way to have a firm testimony is to accept his baggage in exchange for a life of church membership.

Can such a bargain be worth it?