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An anonymous FB associate posted this text, from an LDS mother to her 18-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, this is not a JOKE…

“Honey, you have been blessed above all people! You are simply sunshine with your golden hair and sweet attitude!

“I have been reading the Bible. There are so many stories where rich parents choose an heir, usually their first born. You are my first born. These patriarchs and prophets often forbade their children to marry other races, I think because it was being selfish and not thinking ahead to the children. If you have bi-racial children, they will be dark and have to suffer. You will never have children that look like you and may feel some rejection of your own flesh and blood. In this way, parents bring suffering on their own children… Because they wanted to think only of self and have the spouse they wanted. They weren’t thinking of others–the children.

“Nor would you ever have as complete a happiness, and that will be eternal.

“Church leaders don’t condemn it but they remind over and over the consequences will be eternal.

“So, I will counsel you, as that is a mother’s job, for your own happiness and the happiness of your children.

“Abraham and Isaac did more than counsel their children, they forbade.

“I love all people, but even other races will be the first to tell you, they are more scorned, enslaved, and socially out. This curse has been lifted in large part these days, but it is still there.

“You would bring misery to your children.

“You are my eldest and my heir. Abraham and Isaac gave all they had to their heir, and they were very wealthy men, very, like kings. But in exchange, they forbade their sons to marry dark Canaanites.

“I have a quarter of a million dollars coming to you. Also, a former client willed me his 1 million and he is almost 70, not a long time left.

“If you want a greater degree of happiness, marry your own kind, and don’t bring a shadow of misery to your children too, eternally.

“You are my firstborn and if you want the blessings of the firstborn, you must also give your own children no shadow under which to live.

“Church says we marry whom we date. Date other people. Start now. Tell your beau you want to limit contact for a while to 1 date a month. If he does not respect that, to give you breathing room, run. Then see a cute guy at institute and ask him out! Nothing wrong with you inviting.

“Live true to your birthright! For the sake of your future children, that there be no shadow over them eternally.

“Prayerfully ponder the scriptures I’m texting, honey.

“I love you and I am here for you. I gave you every good blessing of the best birthright! Don’t do less. I know we fall in love with other races sometimes, for I have before, but then I used my reasoning, and for your beautiful blonde sunshine sake, I am eternally grateful!

“I counsel you that your happiness will be greater. His will too if he marries his own race.”