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26 January 1922…

B.H. Roberts is allowed extra time to present ‘Book of Mormon difficulties’ to the assembled First Presidency and Apostles. He had presented his research to the First Presidency and Apostles two weeks previously but was unsatisfied with the response.

This extra session was granted by President Heber J. Grant at Roberts’ request. Later Roberts discussed these meetings with a friend:

“Bro. Roberts presented the matter, told them frankly that he was stumped and ask for their aide in the explanation.

“In answer, they merely one by one stood up and bore testimony to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. George Albert Smith in tears testified that his faith in the Book had not been shaken by the question. Pres. Ivins, the man most likely to be able to answer a question on that subject was unable to produce the solution.

“No answer was available.”

D.L., FB Post – 26 January 2017; see Studies of the Book of Mormon (Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1985), 23.