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“There are those who know just how to live the lives of others, their children, their parents, their brothers and sisters, their neighbors and acquaintances; in fact, everyone’s life but their own. Sometimes to live to dominate the life of another can be worse than taking that individual’s life by murder. The body may be preserved, but if the mind and the power to LIVE, to progress and to BE is destroyed then truly they are submerged in a condition far worse than death. Yes, there are many things worse than death – to lose one’s right to think and live as his inner soul dictates is much worse than a physical death. Children of God, filled with light, love, understanding and tenderness would never seek to force their minds or opinions upon others. That was Lucifer’s way. He desired every one of us to live just as he thought we should, both before we came to earth and now…

“There have been many more souls destroyed than saved by the righteous intentions of the domineering people who think they know how to live the lives of others, and then by force of will, begin to take over those lives. Life is a sacred thing – and life itself is the right to BE, to live, to learn the hard way if necessary, but to gather experience in one’s own way. Our precious word “freedom” came from two Anglo Saxon words, “Free doom.” Yes, even complete free doom is any man’s right who desires it. Advice is always the cheapest thing on earth – and to force advice, through a domineering will is one of the most detrimental services ever rendered. Only true, unselfish love is of real value, love that can feel the need of others, and lovingly supply that need.

“There have been so many unhappy homes and broken hearts caused by match-making relatives, parents and friends who have dared to take upon themselves one of the most sacred obligations of God.

“Every individual on this earth has the right to live his own life, unrestricted by anyone as long as he is not trespassing on the lives and rights of others. All men are born free, and equal in this right, and any who have deprived another of this right will have to give an accounting for his usurpation of such authority.

“Let your light so shine before men that others seeing your good works may glorify your Father in Heaven. Letting one’s light shine is a beautiful, tender admonition, and most certainly does not mean to take one’s light and gouge it into others searing them with the burning flame of forced opinions. The method of force is always wrong, and is devoid of light and love, for love only can build truth into a glorious structure that will radiate a light that can be seen and desired by all. Any individual or people who would radiate that light would never need to go out to give it – the world would come eagerly to seek it. The greatest sermons ever preached have never been put into words – it can be a sermon of divine love portrayed in a simple act of kindness – it can be a flaming glory of unexpressed joy singing from a man’s soul – it can be an understanding pat on the shoulder – a smile – a handclasp – a thought.”

Annalee Skarin, Ye Are Gods (Los Angeles, CA: Devorss & Company, 1 June 1952; reissue edition), 150-151.