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“A nephew of mine married in the LDS temple. The usual suspects gathered for the event.

“Because of my ardent opposition toward the church, I’m intentionally left out of any formal invitations (my active wife and inactive children received invitations). In fact, I’m intentionally “uninvited” to any informal family gatherings also.

“Ah…the Lone and Dreary World!

“My wife has not owned a temple recommend for many years, and it’s based solely on the fact that she is not a full tithe payer. Anyone who knows her personally will vouch to the fact that she would qualify for temple attendance in every other way. I’d venture to say she’s far more ‘worthy’ to attend than many who pay their tax. Yes, there IS a way to purchase a temple recommend legally, but it costs 10% of your increase.

“As she was reporting on the events of the day, I asked her what she did while all the others attended the wedding. She told me she sat in the temple lobby (for a couple of hours) with two nieces and the brother of the groom. I said, “It’s nice you didn’t have to be alone, and you could sit with a few others who weren’t welcomed either.”

Anon., FB Post – 2016