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We are frequently reminded in LDS history – and within the Book of Mormon itself – that the gold plates were difficult to etch by hand, and that almost “shorthand-like” techniques must have been employed to keep the quantity of words to a minimum – words should have been condensed in every instance. The book is replete with the opposite, and redundancy is in full sway.

“And of them were the Sons of Mosiah & their names were Ammon and Aaron and Omner and Himni these were the names of the Sons of Mosiah.”

Mosiah 27:34 – The Handwritten Book of Mormon (West Valley City, UT: Dan Wees, August 2017), 269.

Upon comparing this to the current version of this verse, it took me 45 seconds to revise it to make it more concise:

“Among them were the sons of Mosiah: Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni.”

Why would a perfected and all-knowing being show this verse incorrectly through the seer stone to Joseph, as opposed to it being revised correctly by me in seconds?