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The Gay Agenda is a tiresome term; which is also over-used, and frankly, non-existent.

Ms. JeaNette Goates Smith exhibits the disturbing trait found in many active Mormons: When feeling misunderstood, double-down on the Church, explain your compassion, and perhaps the masses will overlook your shallowness. She should have simply stopped at “Gender matters very little to children” as an excellent example of how we should be. Instead, she launches into a tedious explanation (and personal justification) about how not every person who is gay is “born that way.” To which I can honestly say: I see no problem in people experimenting with their sexuality. What better way to determine your preferences than to act on them. I’m not advocating promiscuity or even voyeurism, but I’m not condemning it either. The fact remains that there is a (usually) small percentage of most species who are naturally born homosexuals; this seems to be the issue the religious conservative world seems reticent to admit to. However, the right to choose your sexuality is as important as it is for the natural-born gay person to be acknowledged correctly. It’s none of our business to interfere in the bedrooms of someone else; it only breeds animus.

Here is the complete article:

JeaNette Goates Smith, Why I Wrote the Article on Teaching Heterosexuality and Do I Regret it? (American Fork, UT: Meridian Magazine, 15 October 2015), on-line.