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Trigger reasons for apostasy from ‘Zelph on the Shelf’…

“There were a number of things that paved the way for my questioning prior to my first overt, conscious question of the church.

“I came of age on the east coast and was somewhat of a liberal (more like moderate) Mormon. I had a problem with all the rampant homophobia and zealotry at the MTC [Missionary Training Center], but I was able to chalk that up to ‘the church is perfect but the people aren’t.’ Item shelved.

“The endowment ceremony was pretty creepy and why the hell is Satan used as a scare tactic to keep my covenants? Item shelved.

“I thought it was weird that Abinadi seemed to be preaching a trinitarian-ish god to the evil king Noah. Item shelved.

“I occasionally saw mission leadership abusing their positions. Again, people aren’t perfect so: item shelved.

“I found out that the temple used to have death oaths attached to the signs and tokens of the priesthood. Item…barely shelved.

“I found out the cost and opulence of the City Creek Mall and how it eclipsed 20+ years worth of humanitarian aid donated by the church. WTF? Questions built up for some time, but it was the particulars of City Creek that really started my questioning of the church.”