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Shortly before his death, Joseph Smith asked certain church members to offer up animal sacrifices. Indeed, there were discussions about having rooms for sacrifices in the temple to be built when they moved to the west – Salt Lake City. Later, Joseph Fielding Smith stated that animal sacrifice would happen again…

“Now in the nature of things, the law of sacrifice will have to be restored, or all things which were decreed by the Lord would not be restored. It will be necessary, therefore, for the sons of Levi, who offered the blood sacrifices anciently in Israel, to offer such a sacrifice again to round out and complete this ordinance in this dispensation. Sacrifice by the shedding of blood was instituted in the days of Adam and of necessity will have to be restored. The sacrifice of animals will be done to complete the restoration (Moses 5:5-8).”

Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation – Volume 3 (Salt Lake City, UT: Bookcraft, 1956; this quote from 1999 edition), 94.