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“I joined your Church on the 20th of May 1879 and during the first 2 years of my membership I faithfully adhered to it and would have given my life to defend it, during all this time I never heard of Adam being God, never heard of Blood Atonement, never heard of polygamy being required of all men before they could attain to highest glory. Never dreamed that Brigham Young or anyone else coolly threw the Bible overboard and preached whatever they pleased which I was bound to accept as revelations of God. I do not and cannot cease these men of having told me anything absolutely false, but they certainly withheld the horrible. I was in the Church some five years before I heard or knew anything about those things – doctrines against which my soul revolts.”

Scott Anderson, Resignation Letter to President John Taylor (Salt Lake City, UT: Unknown Publisher, 22 September 1884), 1.