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“How is the Lord going, to empty the earth? Will it be done in a week or a year? No. He has begun to do it. President [Abraham] Lincoln called out soldiers for three months, and was going to wipe the blot of secession for the escutcheon of the American Republic… Now they are beginning to enlist men for three years… they have begun to empty the earth, to cleanse the land, and prepare the way for the return of the Latter-day Saints to the centre Stake of Zion… When I left the State of Missouri, I had a deed for five pieces of as good land as any in the State, and I expect to go back to it… There are also a few others in the Territory who received theirs. A few will remain and receive their inheritance. Will we return and receive an inheritance there? Many of the Saints will return to Missouri, and there receive an inheritance.”

~Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 9:142; 28 July 1861~