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“[T]he Lord showed me in a vision, that there were no people on the earth that were right, and that faith was gone from the earth, excepting a few and that all Churches were corrupt. I further saw in vision, that he would soon raise up a church, that would be after the Apostolic Order, that there would be in it the same powers, and gifts that were in the days of Christ, and that I should live to see the day, and that there would a book come forth, like unto the Bible and the people would [be] guided by it, as well as the Bible. This was in the year of 1816. I then believed in gifts and miracles as the Latter-day Saints do, for which I was much persecuted and called deluded. This vision I received from an Angel or Spirit from the Eternal World that told me these things.”

Solomon Chamberlain (who lived only 20 miles from Palmyra/Manchester area), Autobiography of Solomon Chamberlain (Beaver City, UT: Holograph, HBLL, 11 July 1858).