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LDS faithful immediately know you’re mentioning Joseph Smith when you speak the two words “The Prophet.” Yet, we’re hard-pressed to find a singular fulfilled prediction by this charlatan.

This unfulfilled prophecy of Joseph Smith is nearly 200 years old:

ANSWERED PRAYERS: Jesus promises the Saints that “…Whatsoever ye shall ask in faith…ye shall receive” (D&C 29:6), and “…Ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you according to my word” (D&C 132:40). Joseph Smith believed firmly in this promise (see Chronology of JS, 10 March 1844)…

The prayers of the faithful Mormons, especially during the periods of conflict in Kirtland, Missouri, and Nauvoo undoubtedly included many requests for divine aid, victory over their enemies, and peace in their lands. Surely, they asked for these things.

But instead they were driven out and found no peace.

~Richard Packham (