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“On the return of Orson Hyde from his mission [7 Dec 1842] to Palestine he carried letters of introduction to me [Mary Ann Price] and invited me to visit his wife. I was there met by Joseph Smith, the Prophet, who, after an interesting conversation introduced the subject of plural marriage and endeavored to teach me that principle. I resisted it with every argument I could command for, with my tradition, it was most repulsive to my feelings and rendered me very unhappy as I could not reconcile it with the purity of the Gospel of Christ.

“Mr. Hyde took me home in a carriage and asked me what I thought of it and if I would consent to enter his family? I replied that I could not think of it for a moment.”

-Mary Ann eventually married Orson Hyde on 20 July 1843- 

~Mary Ann Price Hyde, MS 6415; CHL, 1880, page 2~