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“[Joseph Smith, Jr.] visited the place where the plates were laid and thinking he could keep every commandment given him supposed that it would be possible for him to take them from their place and carry them home) But said the divine messenger you must take them into your hands and go straight to the house without delay not and not stopping and put them in immediately and lock them up Accordingly when the time arrived he went to the place appointed and removed the moss and grass from the surface of the rock and then pryed up the flat stone according to the directions which he had received he then discovered the plates laying on on 4 pillars in the inside of the box * he put forth his hand and took them up but when he lifted them from their place the thought flashed across his mind that there might be something more in the box that might would be a benefit to him in a pecuniary point of view in the excitement of the moment he laid the record down in order to cover up the box least some one should come along and take away whatever else might be deposited there When he turned again to take up the record it was gone but where he knew not nor did he know by what means it was taken away he was much alarmed at this tha and he and kneeled down & asked the Lord why it was that the record was taken from him The angel appeared to him and told him that he had not done as he was commanded in that he laid down the record and in order to to secure some imaginary treasure that remained x x after some further conversation Joseph Joseph was then permitted to open th raise the stone again and there he beheld the plates the the same as before He reached forth his hand to take them but was hurled back thrown (the angel gone  to the ground * when he recovered he went ered was the angel was gone and he arose and went to the house.”

~Lucy Mack Smith, History – 1844-1845, pages 2-3, bk.4~