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“Josiah Stowell, a Mormonite, being sworn, testified that he positively knew that said [Joseph] Smith [Jr.] never had lied to, or deceived him, and did not believe he ever tried to deceive any body else. The following questions were then asked him, to which he made the replies annexed.


Question: Did Smith ever tell you there was money hid in a certain place which he mentioned?


Answer: Yes.


Question: Did he tell you, you could find it by digging?


Answer: Yes.


Question: Did you dig?


Answer: Yes.


Question: Did you find any money?


Answer: No.


Question: Did he not lie to you then, and deceive you?


Answer: No! The money was there, but we did not get quite to it!


Question: How do you know it was there?


Answer: Smith said it was!”

A.W. Benson, Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate – Volume 2, issue 15, “Mormonites” (Utica, NY: Open Court Publishing Company, 9 April 1831), 120.