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“When we arrived at Mr. Hale’s, in Harmony, Pa. from which place he [Joseph Smith] had taken his wife [Emma], a scene presented itself, truly affecting. His father-in-law (Mr. Hale) addressed Joseph, in a flood of tears: ‘You have stolen my daughter and married her. I had much rather have followed her to her grave. You spend your time in digging for money — pretend to see in a stone, and thus try to deceive people.’ Joseph wept, and acknowledged he could not see in a stone now, nor never could; and that his former pretensions in that respect, were all false. He then promised to give up his old habits of digging for money and looking into stones.”

~Peter Ingersoll affidavit, as quoted in E.D. Howe’s Mormonism Unvailed, pages 234-235~