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“Again[,] President Young said Joseph the Prophet told me that the garden of Eden was in Jackson Co[unty] Missouri, & when Adam was driven out of the garden of Eden He went about 40 miles to the Place which we Named Adam Ondi Ahman, & there built an Altar of Stone & offered Sacrifice. That Altar remains to this day. I saw it as Adam left it as did many others, & through all the revolutions of the world that Altar had not been disturbed. Joseph also said that when the City of Enoch fled & was translated it was where the Gulf of Mexico now is. It left that gulf a body of water.”

~Wilford Woodruff – 30 March 1873, in Susan Staker’s (editor), Waiting for Word’s End: The Diaries of Wilford Woodruff, page 305; 1993~