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“Accepting this statement of Joseph Smith relative to our planet in its present state being created or formed from the fragments of a planet which previously existed, one may readily understand how the supposed differences between scientists and believers in revelation have arisen. Scientists have been talking of the earth’s strata that were formed in a previously existing planet; they have considered the fossilized flora and fauna imbedded in those strata… If scientists shall claim that the fossilized remains in the different strata of the earth’s crust reveal the fact that in the earlier periods of the earth’s existence only the simpler forms of vegetation and animal life are to be found, both forms of life becoming more complex and of a higher type as the earth becomes older, until it is crowned with the presence of man – all that may be allowed. But that this gradation of animal life owes its existence to the processes of evolution is denied…The claims of evolution as explained by the philosophers (not scientists) of the Darwin school, are contrary to all experience so far as man’s knowledge extends.”

~B.H. Roberts, The Gospel and Man’s Relationship to Deity, pages 281-282~