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CHARGE:  The worst despots in history have been those who claimed to be divine.

LDS RESPONSE:  LDS doctrine teaches only Christ was divine. There is a difference between potential divinity and current divinity. Latter-day Saints do not even believe Godhood (divinity) is a destiny, only a possibility.

REALITY:  The CHARGE is not intimating that despots are either potentially divine or currently divine rather they are further from it than the average person. It makes no specific allegation against any Mormon, rather, a warning. One of the definitions of the divine is ‘Godlike.’ There are many occasions when LDS Church officials have been known as near-to God or claim to possess divine influences. Couple this with the notion that it’s not only a possibility but also a goal to become a God within Mormon doctrine and you have a certain recipe for disaster.

There are many instances in LDS history which prove this combination is lethal; and is not limited to early Mormon events. The notion of becoming a God has led to a general segregation of Mormons to the rest of the world, of which they’re unusually happy to embrace. Since its inception, LDS people have been proud to be known as a peculiar people. It’s been recent that Mormons have been involved in a huge public relations campaign to convince the world they are normal.