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As with Mosiah 21:28, a second example exists where the text has been modified to read “king Mosiah,” when the Printer’s Manuscript clearly reads “King Benjamin.” This change was made for the 1849 British edition of the Book of Mormon by Orson Pratt and has not been corrected since. In most versions of the RLDS books, the words “King Benjamin” are used; in being faithful to the PM. Acclaimed LDS editor Royal Skousen uses it in his 2009 book “The Earliest Text” to emphasize its proper inclusion:

“[A]nd for this cause did king Mosiah keep them…”

~Book of Mormon, Ether 4:1, all post-1841 LDS editions~


“& for this cause did King Benjamin keep them…”

~Book of Mormon, Ether 4:1, ‘Printer’s Manuscript’ & all pre-1849 LDS editions~