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A common practice in the LDS Church is to anoint the crown of the head with a tiny drop of ‘consecrated’ extra virgin olive oil prior to a priesthood blessing – in hopes of healing.

In 19th (& early 20th) century Mormonism, it was common to apply/pour oil onto (or into) the infected area of the sick. If the anointed person didn’t improve, it was chalked up to a lack of faith, or wickedness on their part.

Unfortunately, because of poor understanding of science/germs and the transfer of disease, these applications provided a perfect condition to spread infection, and many people died because of it. Once this science was understood, the practice was modified, and the spread of disease via oil applications decreased.

However, the nonsensical practice continues in ‘drop’ form, even though it produces no known benefit to the recipient, except (at times) as a placebo would.