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“I bore my testimony for the first time in seven years today. It went something like this…”

‘Probably no one is more surprised to see me up here than Bishop Sykes and my family. Bishop Sykes is probably leaning forward to keep me on a short leash right now!

‘When I was baptized into this church I made a covenant to mourn with those who mourn and bear one another’s burdens. In the last week we have experience tragedy in the LDS LGBT community. We have lost four precious souls to suicide.

‘There was a time when I knew things about the restored gospel. I used to have a very active standing in this community. Some of you might be very surprised to know that I used to be a Primary President, Seminary Teacher, and Relief Society President. I used to know lots of things.

‘Now I don’t know very much at all. But I do know that families are mourning and grieving for their children who felt rejected by this community. Two of those mothers and dear sweet sisters that I know personally, and they and I am grieving intensely.

‘Please help me bear this burden. Please help me mourn with those who mourn. The reason I’m here at all is because I do have a very strong belief in love. I love my family. I love my family.’

“(And that’s all I said. No ‘in the name of’…etc.)…

“I was shaking.”

~G.T.H., FB Post – 3 July 2016~