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“Religious freedom should be under fire. Religion is not a race, a nationality, or a gender. It is a group of thoughts and ideas. Thoughts and ideas these groups push to legislate others not of their beliefs. Thoughts and ideas that our children are indoctrinated with before they can talk.

Religions claim their teachings (thoughts and ideas) are truth, and all truth claims should be examined. I am sorry that they are hurt when their claims face scrutiny, but is there any other area of our life where we are taught not to question? Everything we do we question, we look for and weigh evidence, and standing up to the scrutiny is hailed as an accomplishment – except with religion. Religion does not want scrutiny, and when their claims fail, they claim faith. In my mind, religion should be under fire/scrutiny because they make great claims and tell us our lives would be better if we believed, and acted, as they do.

Do not cry foul when someone questions the beliefs you are pushing on the world and using to influence legislation. It is not our fault your claims continue to fail. Perhaps you should just get better claims.”

D.C., Facebook Post – 28 June 2016