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“I just had an individual ask me if they could share with me how the Church has blessed their life. I said sure, if I can share with you all the ways it has ruined parts of my life. As expected she gave the normal defense before even hearing my side that the church doesn’t ruin lives, the people are not perfect, but the gospel is, and it is your choices that ruin your life. I said I agree and it was her choices, not the church that has blessed her life, so there is really no need to talk about church. I have always found it interesting that the Church will tell you how you need it and it blesses your life. They will give examples, but when countered with examples of how it has created hardship, and strife, they place all the blame some where else. The truth is many of the teachings of the church create hardships for people. Those teachings have divided families, shunned certain populations of our society, and cause emotional abuse.”

D.C., Facebook Post – 17 May 2016