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While departing the faith, a ward member told me that perhaps I hadn’t tried hard enough. I was bewildered. My search for truth and my dedication and spiritual alignment to the Gospel was solid. At what point can a person feel they’ve actually done enough or made it in Mormonism? So what advice do you get from members and leaders in the Church as you begin to discover the lurid underbelly of the origins of the religion? Buckle up and take a double dose. What if that isn’t enough? Cinch the belt and quadruple it! x8, x16, x32?

From a blog comment on 1 February 2016 by ‘Julie’…

“Yes, you just keep trying! If it takes you a lifetime, it will be worth it. Do the little things EVERY DAY. Read, pray, attend church, go to the temple, pay tithing—do not stop. There may be people who get answers quicker or more amazing, but there are those of us who are slower. Who cares if one day you stand before God and you say, “I never got an answer, but I kept trying.” Then a wonderful, kind voice says, ‘Father, that is true, my atonement makes up the difference.’ And then you hear, ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into My rest and inherit all that I have.’ Is there even a moment of struggling to know that wouldn’t be worth hearing those words? Don’t quit, don’t give up. It is not easy, but it will be more than worth it. God cannot lie, nor His son. You will make it if you just keep trying. I promise and even better, they promise!”