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“I shared that Elder Holland bit on my FB and made some points about it – and got a barrage of texts to my phone about how offensive and hurtful it was that I said those things and to please not post my angry feelings about the church on FB. Here’s what I said:

“1. The only other person who has ever spoken to me in a tone such as this was abusive.

“2. What makes Elder Holland think people who leave the church just want to run around in sin and then come back when it’s convenient? I’m telling you now, I have no interest in coming back to the church (nor am I running around in sin).

“3. Yes, this upsets me. The way Elder Holland is speaking about people like ME and the tone he uses to do so is absolutely unacceptable. He makes a very large, blanket assumption about all people who leave the church – and sure, he can be furious about it – he loves the church and wants to protect it but insulting our conviction and accusing us of being patty-cake, taffy-pull type people is not only rude, it’s incorrect.

“4. Why would I want to be a part of any church, organization, group, club, etc. that couldn’t answer – in some capacity – the questions that may arise?

“5. I respect all of you who love and are active in this church, but please open your eyes to the way leaders ask/encourage you to think about those who have left.” 

Anonymous – Facebook Post