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“Now in the spring of 1830 I went with my Team and took Joseph [Smith, Jr.] out to Manchester to his Father. When we was on our way he told me that there must be a Church formed But did not tell when. Now when we got near to his fathers we saw a man some Eighty Rods Before us run across[s] the street with a Bundle in his hand. ‘There,’ says Joseph, ‘there is Martin going a Cros[s] the road with some thing in this hand.’ Says I, ‘how Could you know him so far?’ Says he, ‘I Believe it is him,’ and when we Came up it was Martin with a Bunch of morman Books. He Came to us and after Compliments he says, ‘The Books will not sell for no Body wants them.’ Joseph says, ‘I think they will sell well.’ Says he [Martin], ‘I want a Commandment.’ ‘Why,’ says Joseph, ‘fullfill what you have got.’ ‘But,’ says he, ‘I must have a Commandment.’ Joseph put him off. But he insisted three or four times he must have a Commandment…In the morning he got up and said he must have a Commandment to Joseph and went home. And along in the after part of the Day Joseph and Oliver Received a Commandmant which is in Book of Covenants Page 174 [D&C 19].”

Joseph Knight – Spring 1830, see Dean C. Jessee, “Joseph Knight’s Recollection of Early Mormon History” (Provo, UT: BYU Studies – Autumn 1976, Volume 17), 36-37.