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Although I’m amid offering no fewer than 2,001 solid reasons to never take Mormonism seriously, there are few which reach the impact of the fact that Joseph Smith utilized/plagiarized the Bible to fill a significant portion of the Book of Mormon.

This fact alone is grounds for dismissal.

Joseph quotes verses (which in many instances are virtually verbatim) from the King James Bible he grew up with, which are PROVEN mistranslations; having been corrected later.

The LDS Church only moderately trusts the Bible because of mistranslations (see the eighth Article of Faith), yet they believe the Book of Mormon is the ‘most correct book,’ and given under absolute divine guidance. However, when Joseph Smith was plagiarizing the Bible to use in his book, God himself didn’t correct the text Smith was referencing from before it entered the cornerstone of his one and only true religion. Need evidence? Check about half-way way down this link…

This single idea (which happened several times), is concrete proof Joseph Smith was a fraud.